Access to technology

Many single parents and their children lack consistent access to technology due to financial challenges. Consistent access to technology is proven to foster higher academic achievements and overall access to knowledge and resources. Therefore the Odighizuwa Foundation seeks to provide resources that makes access to technology easier for single parents and their children. The hope in providing access to technology is that single parent families are better equipped to evolve in their abilities to educate themselves and research various avenues for success on the online platform.

Access to culturally specific education

Single parent families, especially minority families, lack access to education that is specific to their cultural background as well as the cultural background of others. The Odighizuwa Foundation believes that providing access to education that is centered around diversity, equity, and inclusion is the key to helping families at large better understand how to bridge the social/economic gap that exists in the United States.

Access to emotional/peer support

Let’s face it, raising children as a single parent is not easy. It comes with stresses that are unique and challenging. Often times many single parents feel that while they are pouring all their emotions and energy into their children, they are not being emotionally supported. The Odighizuwa Foundation empathizes with the unique emotional toll raising a child takes on parents. Thus we believe providing a community of peer support groups is critical and essential for the overall wellness of parents. It is our estimation that the results from single parents coming together and sharing their stories as well as ideas for best practices will be powerful!

Access to scholarships

Imagine a scholarship fund that would be set aside in order to prioritize single parents having access to financial resources that would make their educational dreams a reality. The Odighizuwa Foundation’s vision is to one day create a single parent scholarship fund in order to provide additional support for parents seeking higher education or a trade of some kind. We firmly believe that providing a scholarship to parents will take much stress off their minds so that they can further pursue their dreams while supporting their child.

Access to leadership opportunities

The Odighizuwa foundation believe that the world need more leaders and that children are those future leaders. Therefore they believe that training and teaching leadership skills starts at home with the parent. They encourage single parents to strive to seek opportunities to be better leaders for their children. The belief is that the world will be a better place once more and more parents take ownership of their role as leaders and the example they leave for their children.

Access to mentorship programs

More children from single parents families need mentors that could serve as inspiration. The Odighizuwa Foundation seeks to create an environment where children can have more access to role models in the community. Essentially, we wish to give children a vision and an opportunity to dream big. We believe that vision starts with having someone act as a positive role model who can teach children the correct path to take in life.