Chromebook giveaway

With most single parent household struggling financially to take care of themselves and their children, they are unable to provide a laptop for their household use making it impossible for the the children to get their homework done at home if they fail to bring the school laptop home. Our organization will access and fill the gap by giving a chrome book to each eligible household including a year of internet service plus support to enable, enhance, and help each child achieve their academic success as well as enable them connect with their mentors.

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion bookclub (DEI)

Our organization will make available book club that provides free books and activities during the four key months of the year: Black History Month, Pride Month, Hispanic Heritage Month, Native American Heritage Month.

Parent Peer Group

Our organization will provide the monthly funding for the parent peer support group to help provide guidance, emotional, and mental support to these parents while they are caring and supporting their children. Through partnership with BBBS, our organization will be able to identify single parents who will benefit from this parent peer support group. This group will be other single parents who have managed to survive the struggle of raising their children as single parents providing support and guidance to other single parents who are struggling to survive as single parents.

M.V.P Youth Leadership Summit

By our organization having a yearly youth leadership summit, the organization will be equipping the kids with effective problem solving strategies, leadership skills, an opportunity to learn and grow into leaders of tomorrow, while also providing them with fun activities, and a safe learning environment.

M.V.P Youth Mentorship Program

Our organization youth mentorship pro will not only provide emotional bond between both mentor and mentee but it will also provide the mentee support, guidance, and opportunity that will help them succeed in life as well as meet their life’s goals. Both the mentor and mentee will be able to plan activities suitable, fun, and safe. The mentor will also help to guide, and maximize the mentee’s potential.

The Odighizuwa Scholarship Fund

This scholarship fund will be carefully assessed and awarded to a deserving single parent who successfully completed their GED courses are interested in pursuing a college degree or vocational trade or a child with a very good GPA in their senior year in high school. This scholarship will be in addition to the pell grant. The scholarship will help buy the necessary supplies or help pay partial tuition fees.


It is our vision as an organization to create this incredible community in which single parents can thrive with and for their beautiful children. Support our efforts so that together we can maximize valuable potential everywhere!